8 septembre 2014 – ROSA037
Publication, 92 pages, A5, impression noir & blanc, Anglais

Couverture :
Anna (Leeds, UK)

Contributeurs :
Camille (Rennes, FR), Constance (Rennes, FR), Darryl (San Francisco, US), Edu(Vancouver, CA), Jeremy (Paris, FR), Maïssa (Lyon, FR), Patty (San Jose, US), Pierre (Rennes, FR)

Launch Party : 
17 janvier 2015 – ROSA048
La Bernique Hurlante (Rennes, FR) DJset : Vilaine fille, Mauvais gargon / 70 exemplaires couverture mate, imprimés pour l’occasion

Presse : 

MW3 (1)


♦ Teenage Angst, Rebellion & DIY: Interview with Beta Evers aka Gitze
♦ San Francisco is Doomed: An interview with Hannah Lew
♦ Instant Psycho-Reactions Discovering Rebby Sharp’s « In one Mouth and out the Other »
♦ The Courtneys: Interview
♦ Algebra Suicide : A Forgotten Vestige of Pop Culture
♦ Extra Dust & Magic : An interview with Federica & Andrew from Kitchen Legs Records
♦ Youthful, Untrained, Tainted, Intuitive, Dark, Gender-Bending and Queer. An interview with G.B. Jones and Caroline Azar of Fifth Column
♦ If Life’s a Bitch… Treat it Like a Puppy! Interview with Irene Dogmatic
♦ Holidays in Portlandia with Cecilia
♦ Bois Brûlant
♦ Helen’s List