Girls on tape #5

Girls on Tape #5

A few months ago, we conducted an interview for the webzine Ransom Notes about our various activities with Rosa Vertov, particularly the ‘Girls on Tape’ series. These playlists were made 5 years ago, and contained some of my favorites female fronted post punk videos at that time. In the interview, I mentioned an untraceable video of Amy and the Angels I had been looking for, this incredible band featured Stef Petticoat. Their only song ever released is featured on the compilation Making Waves (the inspiration for the name of our zine!). Since then, I was contacted by someone who offered to help me to dig this video out.
I’m thrilled to share it with you now!
The video comes from an educational program about sexism in language once broadcasted on Thames Television (circa 1983). You can see an interview of the band, as well as a performance of one their song. The unearthing of this video provided us with an occasion to create another playlist with some great videos discovered over the past few years.

(thank you E. !)

THE LIGGERS – « PRETTY GIRL » Extract from the documentary Today Carshalton Beeches… Tomorrow, Croydon (Arena series, BBC, january 1981) / watch the whole documentary  • PINK SECTION – « JANE BLANK » Video filmed at College of Marin (1979) / another live video  • LIEBESGIER – « U-BAHN » Extract from the German TV Show Neon (1980) / watch all the episodes / more infos (german)  • SCORCHED EARTH POLICY – « TOO FAR GONE » Promo video filmed and edited by Campbell McLay and Ritchie Venus for the Onset-Offset video compilation Get Up and Go (1984) / another video  • AMY AND THE ANGELS  Extract from the documentary Sexism in Language (Thames Television, The English Programme series, 1983?), later edited by Films for the Humanities and Sciences (1991)  • PULSALLAMA Live at the Underground NYC filmed by Paul Tschinkel (1981) / more videos by Paul Tschinkel  • ANIMAL DANCE – « WIRED » Video-clip • CHANDRA – « CONCENTRATION » Video-clip directed by Steve Alexander and Eugenie Diserio (Initial Productions Inc., 1980)

A new compilation is about to be released on Cherry Red records, featuring Amy and the Angels, Stef Petticoat, the Avocados, Dolly Mixture… among other songs by our favorite bands !!

Oh! And for those who speak german (I unfortunately don’t), I’ve just discovered a documentary film about the Utrecht punk scene in which you can enjoy a short gig session by the band Nixe!